" What areas of the Treasure Coast do you do your sales?"
We service all of the Treasure Coast and the surrounding areas, please just contact us.  Chances are, we do work in your area!

"How long does it take to do an estate sale?"
   Depending the amount of items to be included in the sale, the preparation for the sale usually takes at least 1 week, with the sale being held following, for a 3-day period.

"How much does your service cost?"
   With our service, you have no upfront, out of pocket expense.  Depending on the services you require, the fees differentiate.  To get an accurate quote, each client needs to contact us.

"Do I have to sign a contract?"
   Yes, we do require a contract to be signed.  The contracts we use are quite simple and function to make it easier for us to keep track of your individual needs and wishes.

"How do I get the revenue from the sale?"
   After the completion of the sale, we will present you with your proceeds, complete with receipts  within 2 business days.

"I just have a few items, would you be able to do the sale?"
   Yes, we do partial estate sales as well as standard garage sale services.  If needed, we do keep a stock of "filler" items to help your sale appear fuller and therefore attract more customers.

"I am interested in attending one of your sales, how can I find out when you are having one?"
We are more than happy to notify you of an upcoming sale, just fill out the contact form and let us know you would like to be added to our email notification list and we will contact you with the dates of our sales dates and locations!